Öona Dahl

Eine faszinierende Vorauskoppelung des im Mai erscheinenden größeren Albums, changierend zwischen Ambient, Electronica und House-Elementen

David Sylvian


When you come to me,
I’ll question myself again;
Is this grip on life still my own?
When every step I take
Leads me so far away,
Every thought should bring me closer home.
And there you stand,
Making my life possible.
Raise my hands up to heaven,
But only you could know.
My whole world stands in front of me,
By the look in your eyes.
By the look in your eyes.
My whole life stretches in front of me,
Reaching up like a flower,
Leading my life back to the soil.
Every plan I’ve made’s
Lost in the scheme of things.
Within each lesson lies the price to learn.
A reason to believe
Divorces itself from me;
Every hope I hold lies in my arms.
And there